A pile o’ shapeys

September 14th 57
Q: Further advice for lines anon. Draw in own A LOT. It makes such a difference in your pencil and pen lines. Even if your first attempts are crumby, just keep going and you will be amazed what it does for everything! -borishu

cool stuff B)

September 8th 4

ghostaviator replied to your post: anonymous said:Your lines are so …

There are exercises for drawing better lines, too. You should watch Dynamic Sketching 1 and 2 by Peter Han on Youtube. youtube.com/watch?v…

Oooh, great advice! I personally didn’t do anything specific to improve my lines, but I’m sure this will help!

September 7th 16
Q: Your lines are so GREAT! Any tips for developing better lines? -Anonymous

Thanks! There’s not really that much of a solution except drawing more. Muscle memory is basically everything I rely on. 

September 7th 7

just an ole nep headshot

September 6th 19

It’s been an eventful few days UwU

September 5th 122

Sohoku’s sprinter B) (hbd naruko)

please fullview!

August 29th 155

awwwee thanks guys for the responses!!!

August 20th 4

The progression of Aradia

for abs (drawn with the markers she n another friend forced on me ;v; ilu guys)

August 20th 96