Q: Hello! I was wondering, how do you use gouache? I am sort of a noob at that medium... -Anonymous

Sorry, I’m new to the medium too. I don’t really know how to use it either tbh.

Here are some tutorials/processes by people who know the medium better than me




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Anon 1:

Good question! My knowledge of anatomy comes from all sorts of places. Originally it came from copying from other artists and looking at online tutorials. I found it most productive later when copying from master artists who had learned how to correctly express anatomy.  It’s helpful to get information about anatomy before testing it out yourself in life drawing. I’m not exactly sure what the second part of your message is asking about, but I think life drawing and studying from books should work together. Over time, you can find things yourself in live models that others haven’t, which you can use yourself to make a personal style.

Anon 2:

You don’t have to do classic figure drawing to get good at drawing people. An alternative is to go somewhere where there’s a lot of people. Go to the zoo if you want to see a lot of excited kids (and animals), the coffee shop, the gym, every location has its own set of unique people and actions. The poses will be fleeting so you can try discreetly taking pictures (don’t share them) and draw from those if you want to go beyond quicker poses. You can also ask family members to lay down or do something stationary for a period of time while you draw them. If you want to see anatomy better in nude models, try getting a few books with figure drawing examples and copying from those.

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DAY 2 - Someone you like, Celebrity

Janelle Monae is my queen and role model!! Her music is socially aware, not to mention catchy. The image she crafts for herself is really smart and inspiring. I admire her confidence, determination, and passion. 

Animation referenced off her music video for Tightrope

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Babysitting au aka excuse to draw the characters as they really are (giant babies)

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Q: do you have any tips for setting up/offering art commissions? -Anonymous

TBH I’m the last person you should ask for this because I rarely get commissions when I offer them BUT I’d say rule of thumb: don’t underprice your art, even if you think you don’t draw very well. The audience you attract with your prices tend to value your art at those prices.

It’s hard to judge the value of a piece of art, but if you want to start out try asking yourself how much you want to be paid per hour for drawing something, and price accordingly to how long it takes to finish something, so you have a minimum starting point. As you get more experience doing commissions you should probably raise/adjust accordingly.

Also, try having some kind of focus when selling your art. Offering way too many options clutters up the post, and doesn’t give people a good idea of your strengths as an artist. Sell a style, something that makes you stand out.

Other tips: make the post easy to read, look at other people’s commission posts for reference. Good luck!

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Colored Sketch Commissions, 10$ ea (add character + 10$). Digital only.

  • At most waist up
  • Simple/no background
  • Some NSFW allowed (please negotiate)
  • Payment through Paypal, USD

Email toriknew@gmail.com if you are interested. Payment must be received before I begin the commission.

Boosts are appreciated! Thank you!

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It’s here, it’s now, the Calarts ‘18 blog is up! The prospective Character Animation students will be doing cool prompts as a group and possibly more stuff. You should stay tuned for updates!

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This was sitting half inked on my drive for three months so I decided to finish it quick today. These nerds make me happy O//w///O

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And now for actual Chinese Ink drawings (that weren’t thinly veiled attempts at fanart)

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