birb and cat

October 2nd 128

The golden standard

September 29th 1258

I don’t know what the future’s gonna be, but at least we’ll be together when it happens.

September 26th 135

so far,

September 24th 53

1) Do what feels right. No rigid rules. Some people had all pencil sketchbooks. People say experiment because some people get stuck in one medium/comfort zone. What matters really is being good at whatever medium you choose.

2) This is a question that would best be answered by Personally I can’t nor am qualified to give an answer. Future note, questions relating to application process and qualifications are best directed to the actual staff and not students.

3) At one point I just stopped caring about people seeing me draw. Really if you want to improve life drawing you can’t shy away from drawing people in public, you just have to get over it. If you really want to draw you will always find time. 

Also, from now on I’ll be turning off anon, sorry. I just am not super comfortable with anonymous asks and text responses interceding a predominately art dominated blog. Please feel free to come off anon to ask questions though! I’ll try my best to respond.

September 20th 9
Q: Hi! Um... I'm sorry if this sounds rude but.. Could you maybe refrain from using hurr durr derp and terms like that? They were made to make fun of people with developmental disabilities.. Thanks! -Anonymous

I didn’t realize that those were abelist! thank you for telling me, I will refrain from using those in the future.

And as a future note, please don’t hesitate to call me out on any problematic words/behavior I have.

September 19th 2

A pile o’ shapeys

September 14th 64

just an ole nep headshot

September 6th 27

It’s been an eventful few days UwU

September 5th 128