Incoming CalArts Character Animation BFA1 classmate Ashley Nicole Boyd was recently diagnosed with hearing loss. She worked very hard to be accepted into CalArts, and it would be a huge loss to our community if she were not able to attend because she could not hear her instructors.

Ashley says:

My hearing loss is genetic, and I was diagnosed this summer after getting unrelated surgery.

The hearing supplies I’m trying to pay for are Widex Dream 440’s, an M-Dex so I can use my phone, connect to computers & bluetooth devices, and a bluetooth microphone for professors to wear during class so I can hear them.

Without my hearing devices, I can’t attend CalArts as I won’t be able to hear professors or films, but I also won’t be able to return to work since my hearing loss makes me miss 40%+ of human speech.

****Some students from CalArts Character Animation’s incoming BFA1 class have offered to help Ashley by donating original art, ranging from thank-you card doodles to full commissions, as reward levels. Please check them out!****

Our goal is set to $7500 to account for the 5% GoFundMe fee and the 2.9% + $.30 per donation fee for WePay. Any excess funds not used for Ashley’s hearing supplies or site fees will be used for tuition.

Hey guys! An incoming classmate of ours is holding a GoFundMe. Help is much appreciated!

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Q: Do you have a DeviantArt? I'm trying to gauge if DeviantArt is still a worthwhile outlet for artwork. What's your opinion on DevArt? -Anonymous

I have one. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to link it (a ton of old stuff). It’s SUPER inactive.

My opinion on dA is that it was a great place to start for me (wistful flashbacks to my preteen days), and it was really my first art site and inspired me to draw a lot more. I don’t regret my time on deviantART. I connected with a lot of cool people there! (many of them have since moved to tumblr). I also enjoyed the art memes and collaborative activities, and the groups (when they started out).

However, in hindsight it was really hard to get exposure (REALLY hard) and the only way to find cool art was to look through what was popular or go deviant-hopping which was basically going through galleries of the friends of people I watched which gave me a pool of really similar styles. It was much more tedious to find stuff that inspired me. I think my style would have been fundamentally different and stagnant if I stuck with dA. It’s just so much easier to find a variety and abundance of art and inspiration on tumblr, and I think inspiration from other sources is what fundamentally drives my direction in art.

dA is a great place to host a cohesive gallery though. There are several people who have found success through dA. I just feel it’s much more difficult than tumblr. It’s also going out of style imo, and their commercial sector is terrible.

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