AT with dances-withhipsters of korras yaha

November 17th 14

Selection of a few requests from Wajas.

Katara wolf and some fem usuk I guess maybe.

May 21st 4

More sketchy poop hm.

I think top is what she most appears in, whereas the one here is her attire in her public image as a bender idk yet how this will work:

April 18th 2

I have nothing, so have some month-old iScribble things.

April 16th 9

Preliminary sketches for our Probending team with Alice and Hildanya the Flaming Ravens.

I’m the earthbender yeeeeaaah. She’s like this musician in the saloons in the slums of the city where the equalists usually hang I suppose.

April 15th 3

Quick Katara doodle. I finished Book 1 of TLA, basically drawing feelings onto paper but it doesn’t turn out as feelingful.

I love Katara in these episodes. She is such a badass and dang she’s actually a role model type person you know. I would say she’s my favorite except you have to love EVERYONE in Avatar you can say someone’s your favorite but then the next day someone else is your favorite. I have the same dillema with ships. So I just decided to dedicate a battlefleet to Avatar and call it a day.

My last tablet picture before I go tabletless for a bit. Eh, well at least it’ll help me break out the graphite marking apparatus’s.

April 13th 2