I entered the Frame My Future contest last month. Unfortunately I did not become a finalist, but I’ve realized my flaws in the image and I hope to improve and re-enter next year!

Extended statement:

The world and art share a symbiotic relationship. Art continues to exert influence upon people. The most prevalent way this is shown is through mass media, film, and animation. Children, especially are subject to powerful influence from television animation.

The art that children see is framed within the screen of the media they consume, whether that be animation, video games, or interactive technology. My goal as an aspiring animator is to direct stories that represent what I was deprived of as a child, a character on the screen that children like me, female minorities can relate with and become inspired by.

This way through increasing diversity and humanity in these characters I hope to create role models for generations of underrepresented children in mass media, to teach them that they have the potential to do so much more than what they have been told. This is how I will frame my future, within the frames of animation and within the frames of television, to inspire the generation with the most potential to do great things. 

April 2nd 18

Commission for Nunu I’m sorry it doesn’t look like you haaaa

Commission me here!

March 29th 5

I haven’t actually posted this yet but I drew this back in Dec for my portfolio. yeee

March 2nd 54

This gal in today’s HONY has a rad style look at them muffs and leggings

First time drawing with the lasso tool >v<

February 5th 56

woaaaahhh WITCHSONA!! (Potential Witchstoner…but don’t to drugs kids bad for u). I’d be this mad rodent cat cow ladybro, and my familiar is my fursona haha….

I’d probably go travelling all over the place and sell drugs potions and animal parts and stuff who knows.

February 2nd 19

forward march!

December 31st 35

ya just gotta keep goin

December 20th 25

It’s been a long time since I’ve had such a strong appreciation for a show such as Kyousogiga to draw fanart the same day I started watching it. It’s a wonderful, action packed show filled with lighthearted humor and whimsy packed in with excellent commentary about family dynamics. It also has one of the most faceted and believably written females this season. The animation, the worldbuilding, and the colorful set of characters make this something that is worth every minute watching.

(It also helps that the director is a female which is extremely rare in the anime industry)

November 30th 38