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February 2nd 26

a comic about remorse

December 29th 96


by Victoria Niu

In a dense deciduous forest filled with tall pine trees, a young forest spirit witnesses the destruction the largest and oldest tree she calls mother, as a ruthless forest fire tears through. Greatly distressed by her death, the forest spirit begins to weep, and the former forest is drenched with a dark and heavy rain. However, once the rain is over, she discovers that on the forest floor there lay seedlings from seeds that had been freed through the fire, signaling a glimmer of hope in the midst of destruction. 

And here it is! My final for PCSS at MCAD, where we were instructed to do a 3-6 page comic that focused on narrative. All in all an excellent program where I met a lot of wonderful people and also improved quite a bit as well.

Inked traditionally, graytones laid out in Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop CS6

July 29th 14

Week 2 Atmospheric/Environment assignment. Prompt was a page with panels of some kind of atmosphere with no characters.

on another note, back at home again (I miss precollege already)

July 28th 9

Assignments focused on improving inking. The left picture was an inked over exercise from the book Demo drawn by Becky Cloonan.

July 28th 7

Very first assignment for Comic Art. The prompt was a comic about you getting to MCAD and the focus was on page flow.

July 28th 6

MCAD PCSS sketchbook assignment week 3 (and final week :(). 4 Panel Autobiographical comics.

July 26th 15

our RA made cake for us and I had an aneurysm.

July 20th 19


((backstreet’s back, AWRIGHT!))

//vomits i’m starting this up again yeehaw

June 2nd 54 via

From now on, there will be no more darkness

I caved…my first fanart of OFF. Currently playing through the French version oh why do I do this to myself.

April 27th 1906

happy 400th post on this blappy blog high five a+

March 15th 21