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October 8th 21

The golden standard

September 29th 1260

just an ole nep headshot

September 6th 27

It’s been an eventful few days UwU

September 5th 128

Sohoku’s sprinter B) (hbd naruko)

please fullview!

August 29th 162

The progression of Aradia

for abs (drawn with the markers she n another friend forced on me ;v; ilu guys)

August 20th 98
Q: sorry if you were asked this before but do u have any tips on avoiding same facing? i like how diverse you draw everyone! i've noticed when i draw everyone looks the same save for the eyes. i'm not sure how to break this bad habit.. -Anonymous

Great question! I’m certainly learning myself and I still have a long way to go with design, but here are some tips based on what I know so far about designing diverse characters. Let me demonstrate with the colorful and varied cast of Yowapeda.


I like to start big by asking myself what overall shape a character’s face would have. Thinking in shapes makes it easier to add variety.  There’s a language about characters in shapes. Round shapes are coded for cuteness, angular and pointed shapes may code for intensity and brashness, etc.imageI also try to repeat the shape throughout the design. It creates good unity.


General realism proportions call for rigid rules of feature positions, but after a certain point, it’s fun to mess with them and really push a face more. Especially after you learn about proportions, try exaggerating them or positioning them with purpose on a face.


What I always keep in mind while designing or interpreting a face is the character behind that face. I try to make a face that most efficiently gets across the POINT of the character. It helps to associate characters with animals, objects, etc, since it will inform your design and make it more distinguishable.

I’m sorry I kinda just drew at you and didn’t explain much but I hope you understand somewhat?

Peace out. 

August 18th 281