AaAAA i forgot there was actually another fantroll request from this turd I totes forgot about it until now.

But it’s ok i made it special fo yo special day.

Reilin Bastet ladies and gents

April 9th 8

Ok I got tired to this is actually going to be the last batch of fantroll requests I’m doing.

Fermant Tenuto - phoebux

Nyxia Tartarius (?) - trinitytrolls

Ikipan Byteie - thefantrollbundle

Jantsi Ailuro - heir-conditioning

Uknown - iiwishes-chan

Lamkin Leeroy - maxbound

And last but not least (technically not a request but I wanted to draw smth else)

the MoriSAILS:

Verine Svajon - My fantroll

Petral - derspitian

If you were on the reblog list and you didn’t receive a drawing and you want one, just shoot me an ask off-anon and I’ll give a sketch to you privately UwU. 

It was very fun drawing all of these cool and really nicely designed trolls! 

March 23rd 38

Batch 2 of Fantroll Requests. I’ve filtered my future requests, so I have 2 batches of 9 left after this one.

In order:

holmestuckvengers - Shocah Laufei

knight-of-the-doomsday - Quezac Dermae

nowere19 - Ceidan Zalist

abi-sua - Yuggot Kharon

sumiumoxide - Erisal Torell

eridanamporas-d - Carsol Hemage

nepeta-dijon - Unknown Name (subject to change)

absentsomnolence - Procel Sangue

bofurthesweetheart - Nethun Siphno

March 16th 53

Yoo batch one man so many quality fantrolls omgggggg

In order:

Mitraa Auriga - gestaltcharioteer

Kahuna Favoli - fan-trolls

Kelara Retali - kelara-retali

Keanna Ferrox - thegrandchumpions

Osiroh Akhena - sapientpawnkeeper

Rajin Binesi - dualp2ii

Throsh Kassel - pyreticmiscreant

Vestas Renien - thedickofbutt

Larcera Squami - theductiletroll

March 14th 107

happa birthday u big poop.

March 10th 19

Mo stuff fum duh stream

a unicron and a kawaii morialz 5ever


January 11th 3

I’ve chosen a name now: Verine Svajon. Like, Svajon is dream and Verine is part of the poppy drug that makes people sleepy and stuff.

YEah goin with a sandman and time-sand thing with her.

Her horns are like from this random desert antelope btw.

not 100% finalized but GETTIN THERE YEAH.

January 9th 13

Comin up with a spiffy morial fo sum fantrollin goodness. IDEK what her name is tho names are hard.

I think like, this character sleeps a lot and like Jade is really in touch with the dream world, but I think the setting will be before SBURB/SGRUB so idk if there’s gonna be derse or prospit or w/e. 

Also she’s kinda based off the sandman too.

January 8th 9