Color number meme: trashy boys edition

From top:

Hinata - 9 Winter soldier - 13

Makoto - 11 Touya - 14

Arakita - 8 Toudou - 13 

Gintoki - 9 Uta (Tokyo Ghoul) - 13

Kiku Honda - 15 Rock Lee - 10

June 8th 163


I prefer short hair yao’s look way more to be honest

I like this sketch actually…

March 24th 69 via

got carried away with kimchibun, but eh, how can you blame me.

February 17th 48

Filling up a more casual sketchbook. My goal is to finish all my partially-filled sketchbooks before starting a new one.

January 17th 40


two princes try to win the heart of bara princess and bara princess marries his own muscles the end

starring ludwig the tender crimson rose, arthur the featherman and alfred the prince from snow white

arthur by ichi ludwig by amer and amerifart by me


December 27th 205 via

I made all of these today after school. I definitely have my priorities straight.

Some concepts-ish for my hetalia doujin (again). A 3-way-date between Yongsoo, Mei, and Vietnam (I’ll find a name eventually). They went to Boba Loca but I have..little idea of what the actual place looks like LMAOO

September 23rd 26

It’s never “tai wan” for Taiwan :V

September 20th 96

im living the dream im making my doujinshi //rides off on a skateboard.

August 30th 17

I finally figured out what was wrong with my tablet. 

August 26th 18

i was reminded of 3ptalia today and i was like

why not make some designs.

idk it can also be like flagtalia or w/e haHAHa

July 2nd 23

haha found some really shitty wip’s from last year aaaGH ahaaa wow WOW. 

June 22nd 6