Q: Do the hetaoffstuck -Anonymous



(As elegantly quoted according to sir Karkat Vantas)

edit: shit, forgot the horns. THERES ALWAYS SOMETHING

May 23rd 26

Drawings on the Shipping wall that was set up on the homestuck art jam today! I had such a blast and I met so many cool people eeeeaAA

February 23rd 150

aaa what a great stream. Thanks to those who came UwU. I gotta split it up into parts tho man I hav ea lot of crap to dish out.

Heheh you can tell what I’m planning with this :V

(BTW since apparently alternian trolls are younger than their beforian counterparts at the start of the game sessions I have an excuse go give matt widdle baby antlers hee)

February 16th 100

I…actually made a set uhuehuehue.

Ok so I have some headcanons of Hetastuck, I guess. From a logical standpoint, it would be more fitting for the 1p countries to be the pre-scratch trolls, being the original incarnations of the countries (hence the dead statuses of them all), and the 2p countries to be the post-scratch trolls. The personalities also match up as the 1p countries generally have less violent tendencies than the 2p countries and have a less tumultuous social culture in general.

Also, Francis ┬áhas an orange ribbon…I wonder what that might indicate? :>

Next will be the 2p FACE trolls.

December 1st 1559

i should make a set of these

November 18th 75

the ideas i get late at night…

October 29th 23

My reaction to Homestuck right now…

I’m actually sorry this time…

August 22nd 5111