I think it’s the right time to post this OvO

do nerdy things together guys it’s the law

December 28th 21

Button promos for Kuur to give away at ECEE for the Homestuck Anime! Be sure to check it out >vO

August 22nd 68

HomestuckAnime STREAM


We’re doin’ it now! We’re streaming concepts at the moment. Q&A. Doodles. Chatting. Homestuck Anime Stuff.

I’m hosting! Come by and chat.

July 4th 34 via


Quick collab piece between me and Amerlyn, two of the animators on the homestuckanime project!

The Homestuck anime; we’re making it happen.

May 10th 4

My process for this post

I first start out with just some basic layout and general shapes. I then go over it with differentiate colors. When doing lineart, the different colors represent different layers. I then merge them into one black lineart, and do flats and eventually shading (which is done on a single multiply layer)

May 3rd 23

Happy 1st Birthday too the Homestuck Anime project!

John says thanks for all of our follower’s continuous support! For those who have not heard of this project, I encourage you to check it out. 

Process here!

May 3rd 136

motherfrick it’s time to ink this butt.

April 14th 35

Aww yeah! Finished my audition stuff for the Homestuck Anime project. Compiled in one post for convenience. Now I just gotta submit it. Here’s hoping :V

First Dave animation by thatonegirludontknow

March 29th 157

My arm is offically fricked over from behind with a spoon.

for the homestuck anime audition UwU.

March 29th 16

time to clean this baby up

March 28th 15