It’s been a long time since I’ve had such a strong appreciation for a show such as Kyousogiga to draw fanart the same day I started watching it. It’s a wonderful, action packed show filled with lighthearted humor and whimsy packed in with excellent commentary about family dynamics. It also has one of the most faceted and believably written females this season. The animation, the worldbuilding, and the colorful set of characters make this something that is worth every minute watching.

(It also helps that the director is a female which is extremely rare in the anime industry)

November 30th 38

It’s never “tai wan” for Taiwan :V

September 20th 96



tumblr users rosetteart and toriknew and i did a dmmd boyfriends switcharound meme holla \o/

it was super fun and they turned out really nice!!



August 24th 59 via source

Cleaned up a sketch (a little too much lmao) but yeAH! Happy birthday koujakutie <33

August 20th 87

Ah yes the shota.

I went to Autoptic today and it was INCREDIBLE. The building was super interesting and the exhibitors were super cool and they had a ton of really amazing stuff! I met a bunch of chillaxin cool peeps including britt who i had the feelin was hankerin for the swimming animes >vO.

August 18th 17

you say jellyfish i say hello favorite character

August 15th 55

I hope everyone can find something that they can express the same passion as Hanji Zoe does towards titans.

August 6th 69

Last minute nanoha be4 breakfast yeehaw

July 8th 7