happy wriggling day grubfucker

(and to kuurion as well :V)

June 12th 21
Q: Do the hetaoffstuck -Anonymous



(As elegantly quoted according to sir Karkat Vantas)

edit: shit, forgot the horns. THERES ALWAYS SOMETHING

May 23rd 26

Requests fum duh livestream aw yis.

and while we’re at it why not update the rarely touched “karquius/equikar” tag.

March 9th 90

I’m planning genderbend troll headcanon designs hmmMMM

February 26th 11

Part II homestuck aw yis XO

make any troll pocket sized and they suddenly become 6000% more precious.

February 16th 6

rocking these

motherfricking new multicolored markers

making the magic happen

February 4th 10