This is one of my favorite books and I wanted to do a tribute to my french class before I graduate. Final size is around 2 x 3 feet. Acrylic. It may look familiar, since I posted a preliminary sketch.

June 4th 183

Some select (i.e better) backgrounds from my upcoming film under my mentorship with PUNY. I hope to finish it soon!

More film progress here

May 26th 79

Baby’s first watercolor

April 23rd 77

fixing the school mural for NAHS…gonna propose this prototype tomorrow.

November 20th 11

PCS Comic Art sketchbook assignment week 1

July 12th 10

before I upload my precollege stuff this is what I did in the tail end of summer camp a couple weeks ago. First two were live model portraits. Third is still a work in progress.

July 10th 6