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October 8th 21

just an ole nep headshot

September 6th 27

It’s been an eventful few days UwU

September 5th 128

This was sitting half inked on my drive for three months so I decided to finish it quick today. These nerds make me happy O//w///O

June 20th 64
Q: What digital programs do you use to paint? And maybe a quick tutorial on blending colours?? -Anonymous

I use Photoshop CS6 for 99% of the things I paint now. I use Kyle’s brushes for most of my drawings. They are super helpful and well organized. For painting, I love to use Kyle’s oil brushes, which lay down opacities based on pressure and are also really easily blended. I often use his Oil Lush brush and his Oil Thicker brush (for details). 

Um! I’m not a tutorial master by any means, but here’s a quick process of how I paint. Let’s demonstrate with this nepeta (of course)


I start with an undersketch. Then I pick my palette (sometimes I don’t. there’s several ways I do things). Then I Fill in local color. I try to use the biggest brush possible and do it in the least amount of strokes possible.

After I merge everything, I do a multiply layer over my sketch and paint in the big areas of shadow, usually with just one or two colors. I dab in the darkest areas with general strokes. The way my blending works is that it’s a mix of hard and soft edges. Abrupt transitions have harder edges, while gradual plane transitions have softer edges.

 It really helps to work far away and with big brushes. Really this step is super important, because everything builds off of the general. No matter how detailed the piece will be, the main look of the shadows will always remain.

I accidentally deleted one of my steps! But basically you’ve got all the colors you need from the multiply layer. It’s just cleanup from here.  I eyedrop local colors and try to unify the image and create clarity. I define shapes that haven’t been clear yet, and I work on solidifying transitions in the face. I also work on making the hard and soft edges appropriate. Really that hard and soft edge thing, along with a little bit of light in shadow goes a LONG way. It really helps to know anatomy so you know where all the planes on the face fall.

Last step is always light and highlights. Less is more.

And that’s kinda how I do the digital paint. Keep in mind the hierarchy of value, start from general to specific. Yee

May 30th 71

Time for a new sketchbook! 9/8/12 - 2/11/14

February 11th 52

Thank you guys so much! Thank you for all your support! It means a ton to me! I did not expect this at ALL man you guys are incredible UwU

January 23rd 26

Started a new sb. It’s a watercolor moleskine 5x3. It’s so tiny and cute. Had a few things I drew back in november too.

January 9th 34

forward march!

December 31st 35

to calarts we go!

flipthrough video will be up shortly

December 30th 201