maybe it’s a bat

March 16th 21

I haven’t actually posted this yet but I drew this back in Dec for my portfolio. yeee

March 2nd 54

Time for a new sketchbook! 9/8/12 - 2/11/14

February 11th 52

woaaaahhh WITCHSONA!! (Potential Witchstoner…but don’t to drugs kids bad for u). I’d be this mad rodent cat cow ladybro, and my familiar is my fursona haha….

I’d probably go travelling all over the place and sell drugs potions and animal parts and stuff who knows.

February 2nd 19

Me & Lin did a double meme 3 years after agreeing to do one.

The redone pics : X X

January 6th 42

Just finished the last bit of my calarts app! (Still gotta tweak the artist statement tho before I send this baby off)

January 3rd 36

it’s the final stretch!

heha as for the friends in the bottom it’s kor, jei, conkins, abs, zi, ore, iz, and mads UwU

December 29th 42

The king makes his entrance, and his offer

December 6th 24