A pile o’ shapeys

September 14th 57

Class studies. Prismacolor, charcoal, and ink on rice paper.

(It’s funny to compare this to last year's camp)

June 18th 64

Last piece for my high school, a ceiling tile. I was heavily inspired by Madoka Kinoshita’s process

June 15th 145

And here we are, my film that I’ve done in my mentorship with PUNY. Please view in the large player on the site!

It’s hard to tell, but the character is an Egg wearing a hat that resembles a fried egg. 

Thank you so much to my mentors, Mike Owens, Vincent Stall, as well as the other animators of PUNY (Mark, Eyo, Chris, Tommy) for providing me this opportunity to learn, as well as guiding me through the film. This film would have never been made if not for their guidance.

Thanks also to the program Honors Mentor Connection for making it all possible in the first place!

I hope you all enjoy!

May 31st 189

Some select (i.e better) backgrounds from my upcoming film under my mentorship with PUNY. I hope to finish it soon!

More film progress here

May 26th 79

I’m going to be selling these zines at Animinneapolis! Each zine has NINE, fully illustrated cat girls for your eyes to oogle. Above is a sneek peek of these fashionable felines. Come stop by at the Artist Alley if you want to take a gander!

Big shoutout to lin for printing and binding these for me!! (and also providing the image of the zines) I couldn’t have done it without you (go check out her stuff and also buy from her YES)

May 21st 29

Happy mother’s day

May 11th 25