Q: What digital programs do you use to paint? And maybe a quick tutorial on blending colours?? -Anonymous

I use Photoshop CS6 for 99% of the things I paint now. I use Kyle’s brushes for most of my drawings. They are super helpful and well organized. For painting, I love to use Kyle’s oil brushes, which lay down opacities based on pressure and are also really easily blended. I often use his Oil Lush brush and his Oil Thicker brush (for details). 

Um! I’m not a tutorial master by any means, but here’s a quick process of how I paint. Let’s demonstrate with this nepeta (of course)


I start with an undersketch. Then I pick my palette (sometimes I don’t. there’s several ways I do things). Then I Fill in local color. I try to use the biggest brush possible and do it in the least amount of strokes possible.

After I merge everything, I do a multiply layer over my sketch and paint in the big areas of shadow, usually with just one or two colors. I dab in the darkest areas with general strokes. The way my blending works is that it’s a mix of hard and soft edges. Abrupt transitions have harder edges, while gradual plane transitions have softer edges.

 It really helps to work far away and with big brushes. Really this step is super important, because everything builds off of the general. No matter how detailed the piece will be, the main look of the shadows will always remain.

I accidentally deleted one of my steps! But basically you’ve got all the colors you need from the multiply layer. It’s just cleanup from here.  I eyedrop local colors and try to unify the image and create clarity. I define shapes that haven’t been clear yet, and I work on solidifying transitions in the face. I also work on making the hard and soft edges appropriate. Really that hard and soft edge thing, along with a little bit of light in shadow goes a LONG way. It really helps to know anatomy so you know where all the planes on the face fall.

Last step is always light and highlights. Less is more.

And that’s kinda how I do the digital paint. Keep in mind the hierarchy of value, start from general to specific. Yee

May 30th 72

a thing

January 24th 20

fixing the school mural for NAHS…gonna propose this prototype tomorrow.

November 20th 11

ponopls n bork bins

(and michael godfrey)

November 17th 11

Bookmark submission for a local library contest. : ^ )

July 30th 18

before I upload my precollege stuff this is what I did in the tail end of summer camp a couple weeks ago. First two were live model portraits. Third is still a work in progress.

July 10th 6

Because The first version of this print sold out EVERY TIME I HAD IT MOTHER OF FRICK I decided to stop embarrassing myself and redo it at the correct printing resolution. Good old Doctor Who. I remember this episode. Good times.

June 20th 17

Annnd guess what else got finished! Been working on this throughout the week on and off. Posted some wip’s earlier. Master study of one of Daniel Keys’s amazing still lifes (Pumpkins, 24x36, oil). My first study in oils.

Oils are really interesting! They weren’t as bad I thought they were. They smell really nice too, like wood polish (not the cleaner though, gotta keep that capped cause the fumes are bad for you). They’re a brush ruiner though and they keep mixing on the canvas haha gotta change my methods.

Seriously Daniel Keys is becoming one of my favorite artists he’s just amazing at still lifes and objects and there was this article in the magazine and wow he didn’t even go to art school he just like. Pure passion man. That’s metal. Not to mention he’s still in his 20’s. He also got to fanboy with Richard Schmid, who invited him personally for a painting jam. Man!! So cool.

I actually painted another one of his works earlier for practice. I think I improved with forms and colors but this is also a different medium (oil instead of acrylic), lending to different advantages and disadvantages.

Process GIF:

June 14th 17

Summer Camp Day 5. End of the first week! woooooo.

Live portrait painting take 2. I think I have a better grasp on this this time. About 3.5 hours. Oil. Subject was one of the people in the class aha. We still don’t have a hired model it’s just former students/current students but s’cool man ppl are ppl.

Now for a well-deserved week break where I will draw more stuff. literally when I’m not drawing i’m drawing or looking at other people’s drawings.

Process GIF:

June 14th 4

Camp Day 4. Live model drawing/painting today. Hoo ha the painting was hard as balls but it was pretty fun! Done in charcoal and oils, respectively

Process Gif:

June 13th 7

Camp Day 3. Some more figure drawing and another wip! Gonna be drawin a live portrait tomorrow so stoked hH HHH.

The last one is a drawing of me when I was modeling by a student returning from Ringling hh hHHH.

June 12th 7

Quick post before bed. Camp day 1. About 9 hrs work. Agh i’m really rusty.

And a progress gif cause why not.

Original called “The Letter” by Miriam Birks, Oil on Canvas, 24” x 36”

June 11th 7