that makes 2 birthdays of people I know that are on the 18th.

January 21st 4

I haven’t drawn this douche bag in 5ever

November 9th 58


Lineart+Flats commission on Wajas of Sherlock and her OC Sterling, which is his son.

I can’t draw crossed arms but in the end it worked out enough to be somewhat plausible.

To draw Sterling I went on a morphing image site and morphed freeman and cumberbatch together to produce a freeberbatch and I screwed around with their faces for the rest of it.

Sterling is cool I think he would be like sherlock but snarky and peter parker like.

July 28th 3

Benedict isn’t horse faced.

But I painted him with one.

first acrylic portriat yeeah. Somehow it would be fitting that it would be Sherlock

May 24th 5

I have nothing, so have some month-old iScribble things.

April 16th 9

Abby are you asking for your eyes to be burned out.

I seriously Alicexz’s art is too amazing for me to stick my bummy nose anywhere near it. 

Her color and her realism of everything is just mindblowing I cannot even I only odd.

well, I tried.

April 7th 2

i need to watch merlin.

Britain: land of Cheekbones.

used Cheekyzhu’s amazingly organized copic markers.

March 20th 3

Mahou Sherjo Consulting Detective

Avec son moe moe neko sidekick Jyun Wat-san

c’est tres mignon, n’est pas?

March 17th 10

I imagine Sherlock as a kid at recess, and while the others played tetherball and romped around the playground, he sat, reading a book about economics. Either that or he was always bullied but never really cared about it. This is a combo of old and new art, not my favorite. the lineart was done before Christmas. Tried a new coloring technique. It will be the death of my pen nib. Didn’t want too much contrast in value, but I can’t color worth crap so it doesn’t look good without contrast.

March 6th 4


Memento Mori

remember your mortality


PaintAcquaint stuff. You guys should join it it’s like tegaki-E except with another person. creep in on you.

wrong blog shhhhhh

March 4th 3 via

A Sherchib, Reichenangst, and a Mahou Sherjo Sharoku Homusu

March 3rd 1

I feel like I’ve just tore out of a lions chest and emerged victorious.

BBC Sherlock butts.

March 2nd 5

I think I can only do those three given the time I have

but anyways.

SH bookmarks for Detour.

Holeee fff they are inconsistent oh well.

February 26th 5