Concepts for an illustration I’m going to do for IB Art (was gonna be a comic, but I don’t have time LMAO)

October 21st 11


June 1st 7


aAAGH i’m sTUMPED. I know i BSed igiko too much before i could change it but she doesn’t look like the hug is going to affect her like that much like how do i do the body language how hHOW>?

Which one do you guys think is the best one?

May 24th 20 via

motherfrick it’s time to ink this butt.

April 14th 35

time to clean this baby up

March 28th 15

all dis anime hype has rubbed off on me

dis be a wip. I’m doing what they call in hardcore animation key frames. w/e that means.

January 27th 5

wip of more school art stuff….

also apparently the scholastic art deadline is like, monday…uhh…I guess I’ll just submit this then ha. ha. ha.

December 13th 5

October 12th 1

Hee yaw I started over…

officially longest and tedious and most frustrating painting.

I wish I had the patience of me 3 years ago o man what I would give for that.

October 1st 2

I have a question, should I leave this b/w or add a color layer?

Work on this has almost ground to a halt, but I guess I want to take it up again because I gotta get this done before my bro comes home.

One of the things that demotivates me the most to finish a picture is you draw something and it’s on the wrong layer, or you draw something and you don’t save and your program crashes and you don’t think you have the ability to redraw that segment.

Anyways I accidentally worked on Marisa’s arm while on one layer so then I was really stressed, so now I have to redo the arm. At least it wasn’t the hair or anything.

July 18th 2

i wonder wen ill finish

June 5th

My bro likes tohou more than mlp

So imma give him dis Marisa ho.

Also my painting final ho ho ho funny how things turn out.

June 5th 2